$70 Billion Retail Bank


     •  Increase customer retention and cross-sell / up-sell among highly profitable customers



     •  Investment customers of the bank


     •  Customer Relationship Marketing Program featuring direct mail campaign, including   

        customer mail campaign, including customer feedback, incentives and individualized

        (1:1) product sales


Program Overview

     •  Develop program concept

     •  Manage program execution, including organization and supervision of all departments

        and vendors, both internal and external 

     •  Create surveys to gauge customers' needs and future interests

     •  Recommend follow-up activities in sales department and investment specialists

     •  Design customer reward program

     •  Recommend cross-sell opportunities

     •  Develop events to enrich customer experience with bank and its investment   



     •  Increased assets per customer, maintained customer base in midst of corporate re-     

        engineering and branch closures

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