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$558 Billion International Insurance Corporation


•  Create synergy and cross-sell opportunities between the corporation's real estate and

insurance business units for national program

•  Provide one-stop insurance and real estate solutions

•  Deepen customer relationships


•  Agents of both business units, and their clients


•  Develop marketing program for the 'Co-Location Project,' which provides insurance solutions to

home buyers and sellers.  Similarly, it provides real estate recommendations to insurance clients

Program Overview

•  Establish plan to introduce program to selected real estate and insurance offices, to include

kick-off events, collateral materials, operational program and timetable

•  Develop marketing plan and guide for effective program introduction and growth

•  Introduce special events concepts to generate community involvement and customer leads

•  Provide compliance recommendations regarding regulatory issues (RESPA)


•  Increased in-house business and cross-sell between insurance and real estate units

•  Created over 50,000 sales opportunities and a 16% increase in cross-sell

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