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$327 Billion National Thrift


•  Improve personal marketing program for investment representatives to utilize in communicating to their existing and potential clients during corporate re-branding

•  Enhance customer relationships



•  Investment services representatives



•  Develop resource guide with pre-approved sales letters, contests, incentive programs,

public relations, sales support, compliance and legal information


Program Overview

•  Consolidate disparate information in one location (guide) containing all resources needed

by investment representatives

•  Evaluate existing sales efffectiveness

•  Supervise re-design of collateral materials used by investment representatives

•  Identify and develop event and promotional opportunities through branch network

•  Manage approval of all items requiring regulatory approval

•  Recommend vendor co-op opportunities to reduce advertising and promotional costs

•  Develop seasonal promotions



•  Reduced agent cost and mailing time, provided consistent communications, increased agent

communications to important customers, resulting in increased revenue and improved customer relationships

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