Who We Are

          The development of relationship-building programs is at the heart of SMC Marketing.  Since 1996,

SMC Marketing has developed and managed a wide range of marketing programs, bith nationally and regionally.  Our marketing programs support strategiv initiatives designed to improve customer and member acquisition, growth and retention objectives.  Our expertise is in developing programs the increase participation, satisfaction and loyalty, while increasing our clients' competitive advantage and profitability.

          Our programs are constructed to increase engagement during the entire customer and member lifecycle.  Elements of these programs include recognition, retnetion and loyalty, enhanced and discounted benefits, in addition to onboarding, cross-sell and referal.

What Can We Do for You?

          As a boutique marketing agency, SMC Marketing provides a range of strategic marketing solutions for a range of industries and sectors, with an emphasis on financial services.  Whether you require a fully-developed plan—including implementation and management or simply a promotionsl solution to accelerate sales—our staff is prepared to execute your solution.

          Our clients benefit by reducing operating costs and improving their staff's efficiency and effectiveness.  As a result of offsite management, your staff's time can be devoted to important day-to-day issues, while SMC Marketing aligns the design and management of each program to support important client initiatives.

          Several examples of how our programs have been implemented include:

               Through our retention programs, we increased member retention amid branch closings and staff changes..

               Using unique promotional incentives, we have increased account openings, exceeded strategic planning goals and rewarded existing customers.

               For smaller companies, we have become the ad hoc marketing department, providing direction for marketing to support and acutualize the institution's annual plans, creating marketing resource guides, and developing customized acquisition, retention and loyalty marketing programs.

How Do We Work with Our Clients?


          Regardless of the size of your organization and your marketing requirements, we focus on efficiently meeting your specific marketing objectives.  With an accomplished team of marketing professionals, selected expressly for their individual expertise in meetin your requirements, SMC Marketing customizes each program specifically for you.  You determine how you want to engage with SMC Marketing.


          We work with our clients the way they work. We can develop the plan, execute and manage it using our personnel, or yours.  We can also manage your agencies' involvment in the program.  Perhaps you have a plan, but do not have the time or the staff to make it happen.  SMC Marketing has the resources to put our client's plans into action.

          Perhaps your requirements are less about full program design, and more about a specific solution.  We can provide ad hoc support.  As an example, if you want to provide a promotional offer to attract new customers or reward existing ones, we have a team ready to source the appropriate offers.  We have been providing incentive products to major corporations since our founding in 1996.  We can customize these items according to your preferred redemption process, budget, fulfillment preference and product categories.

Why Does This Matter?

          Throughout our 24-year history, our client work has always focused on growing the relationship.  It may be the beginning of a financial relationship—checking, investment, small business, mortgage, et al—with a financial institution.  Or, a reward program for an existing relationship.  You may want a full program design with implementation and management, or, simply a promotional solution designed to accelerate sales.  It's all about the relationship.

We Invite You to Learn More About Us


          In addition to our corporate work, SMC Marketing also develops strategic solutions for educational institutions.  Although these are very different clients, our expertise in growing the relationship is at the center of these solutions as well.  As an example, SMC Marketing develops corporate sponsorship programs for high schools and colleges.  These programs are focused on growing the education instition's relationship with both students and alumni.  Further, we have assisted financial companies in providing support for both the education institutions' athletic orgranizations and alumni associaitons.  We also provide an extensive discount program to mutually benefit these educational institutions and our corporate clients.


          You are invited to tour our Website, learn more about us, review the programs we have developed and managed over the years, and read what our clients say about working with SMC Marketing

          Thank you for visiting.—Betsy Vavrin, president

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