Who We Are

          SMC Marketing specializes in providing banks and the financial services sector with strategic marketing solutions.  We deliver marketing services that reduce the cost of having full-time employees assigned to high-level projects.  By involving SMC Marketing in the development and deployment of your marketing program, you can focus on your core competencies and company-wide initiatives. 


          The development of customer relationship-building programs is at the heart of SMC Marketing.  Our expertise is in developing programs that increase market position and drive profitability through customer-facing communications and rewards during the acquisition, referral, cross-sell and retention processes.


          Since 1996, SMC Marketing has developed and managed successful customer recognition and  

retention programs.  We have also designed product cross-sell programs, created new business presentations, and developed field marketing programs for multiple unit companies.


          Additionally, SMC Marketing can function as an in-house marketing department, supplying companies with the expertise of marketing professionals with extensive experience in the marketing services arena.  We provide a results-driven outsource solution that reduces operating costs and improves efficiency and effectiveness.


          Regardless of the size of your marketing venture, we will assist you in efficiently meeting your needs, with an accomplished team of marketing professionals selected for your specific marketing requirements.

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